Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is it illegal to publish or otherwise divulge someone

..for instance if someone who was upset at their ex-spouse was doing so on alimony checks...
Some states have made it illegal and have laws on the books saying so (NY and California...see page 12 here for California

How much is adding my teenager to my insurance policy?

how much is the averge amount that i would have to pay when i add my teen to my auto-insurance policy..with their own car.
Try this site


Here you can compare quotes from different companies

Are you as glad as I am that the Unemployment is on schedule to be approved?

I am a Republican, but I don

Want to see revisionist history at work?


The Bush administration never said anything about Iraq being behind 9/11.


Sorry, no.

Why should the Richest 5% to get a Tax Cut what are Cons thinking?

Conservatives want to extend George Bush

Will anybody question Jackson or Sharpton about racist Sherrod?

I doubt it.

Fight racism with racism.
If there isn